First Phnom Penh Symposium on HIV Medicine
14-15 September 2006

SYMPOSIUM 2006 English Khmer
Opening Speech by H.E. Dr. Mam Bun Heng, Seretary of State, Ministry of Health, Cambodia    
Plenary Session English Khmer
Presentation of the update on CoC in Cambodia by H.E. Dr. Mean Chhi Vun, NCHADS Director
Presentation of the update on clinical guidelines in Cambodia by Dr. Hak Chan Roeun, Calmette Hospital
Commitment of Roche to HIV/AIDS treatment in Developing Countries by Mr. Christopher Murray    
Presentation of the prevention among positive people by Professor John Kaldor, NCHECR-UNSW, Australia
Presentation of the Diagnosis and management of treatment failure in resource limited setting by Prof. David Cooper, NCHECR-UNSW, Australia
Presentation of Pediatric HIV by Dr. Thanyawee Punthanakit, HIVNAT, Thailand
Presentation of HIV TB Co-infetion by Dr. Julian Elliott, NCHECR-UNSW, Australia
ART Failure English Khmer
Treatment Adherence Evaluation among ARV Patients in Calmette Hospital, Dr. Ban Boraot, Calmette Hospital
Success and Failure at 24 months of HAART in a Resource-poor Setting, Dr. Prak Narom, Friendship Khmer-Soveit Hospital
Clinico-Immunological Criteria for the Detection of Virological Fialures and Implications for the use of Viral load, Dr. Laurent Ferradini, MSF-France
Pediatric HIV/AIDS English Khmer
Treatment Outcomes of the Modified DIrectly Observed Therapy(MDOT) Program among HIV Infected Children receiving HAART, Dr. Sam Sophan, National Pediatric Hospital
Case Study on treatment failure in Children(FIrst line regimen), Dr. Soeung Seithaboth, Angkor Children Hospital
Treatment Failure in ARV Experienced Children, Dr Te Vantha, Takeo Referal Hospital
Laboratory English Khmer
Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Dr Philip Cunnigham, UNSW
Update on HIV testing, Dr. Philip Cunigham, UNSW
HIV Testing Quality Control for VCCT, Dr. Prom Panith, NCHADS
Testing/Counseling English Khmer
Cambodia Experiencing for HIV, VCCT, Dr. Prom Panith, NCHADS
Integration of VCCT Service into Sexual Reproductive Health Clinics, Dr. Poueng Chutema, Chief of RHAC Clinic
VCCT Activities in Natinal Clinic for Dermatology and STD, Dr. Lok Bun Thay, NCHADS-National Clinic for Dermatology and STD
Data Management English Khmer
Data Management in Practice: Database and Reporting System for Voluntary Conseling and Testing Center in Cambodia, Mr. Mam Sovatha, NCHADS
Lesson Learn of Database System Management in Social Health Clinic, Mr. Hun Chenda, NCHADS-Social Health Clinic
ArtJournal Database, Aynar Len, Center of HOPE
ART Toxicity English Khmer
ARV drug toxicity followed up in 36 months, Dr. Hak Chan Rouen, Calmette Hospital
Drug toxicity of skin-rash and liver toxicity, Dr. Toeung Pichda, NCHADS-Social Health Clinic
Description of stavudine toxicities among patients that started first line HAART in Cambodia, Dr. Khim Sam Ath, MSF-B
Home-Based Care English Khmer
The Changing role of HBC in Cambodia in the Era of ART, Dr. Samrith Sovannarith, NCHADS
Integrated Care and Prevention (ICP), Dr. Kong Sop heap, Team Leader of ICP, KHANA
Involvement of PLHA in the Continuum of Care of Programme, Mr. Heng Sok Rithy, CPN+