The Second Phnom Penh Symposium on
HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment
15-16 December, 2008
Phnom Penh Hotel,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Days 1
Afternoon Plenary Session
  Current HIV Prevention Strategies in the World Professor Roger Detels, UCLA, USA
  Prevention With Positive Dr Laurant Ferradini, FHI-Cambodia
  Link Responses in Cambodia H.E. Dr. Mean Chhi Vun, NCHADS Director, Cambodia
  Parallel Session
Room: Grand Ballroom
Tract A: ART
Chair: Dr. Laurent Ferradini
Coord: Dr. Chon Vichea
A1a: First Line ART Failure Dr. Bun Vannary
A1b: Clinico-Immunological Criteria for the Detection of Virological Failures and Implications for the Use of Viral Load Dr. Laurent Feeadini
A2: Rational Use of Viral Load Testing in Cambodia Dr. Sarah Huffam
A3: Effecacy of Kaletra-based Second Line Antiretroviral Treatment in Cambodia Dr. Laurent Ferradini
A4: Depression and HIV Diclosure among Patients after Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy 12 Months at Social Health Clinic 2007-2008 Dr. Kol Vohit
Room: Mekong I&II
Track B: Continuum Quality Improvement
Chair: Dr. Saphonn Vonthanak
Coord: Dr. Kea Chettra
B1: Development Process of Standard Operating Procedure for CQI in Cambodia Dr. Saphonn Vonthanak
B2: Lesson Learned from CQI Launching in Battambang Referral Hospital Dr. Lay Vithia
B3: Lesson Learned from CQI Launching in Sampov Meas Refferal Hospital Dr. Ngov Sovannareth
B4: Discussion on Possible Future Direction on CQI
Room: Canation
Tract C: Leadership and Management
Chair: H.E. Dr. Mean Chhi Vun
Coord: Dr. Sarun Saramony
C1: Key Success Factors to HIV/AIDS Response in Cambodian H.E. Dr. Mean Chhi Vun
C2: Leadership Role in HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Dr. Kros Sarath
C3: Lesson Learned from Link Responses in Neak leoung Dr. Long Noeun
C4: Linking CoC to Primary Health Care H.E. Dr. Mean Chhi Vun
Room: Mekong III
Tract D: Laboratory
Chair: Dr. Marie Downer and Ph. Chuop Sokheng
Coord: Dr. Neth Sansothy
D1: The Implementation of External Quality Assessment Scheme for HIV Testing in Cambodia Ph. Chuop Sokheng
D2: Practical Issues with HIV testing, CD4 Count and Viral Testing- Cambodia Dr marie Downer
D3: HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations in Untreated, Recently Infected Patients from Cambodia and from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Thailand and Vietname: The ANRS 12134 Study Mr. Janin Nouhin
Day II
Morning Plenary Session
  Is a routine 1st Line Switch Strategy of Stavudine to Zidovudine Appropriate in the Cambodia Contet? Experience in Cambodia and Asia (TAHOD) Dr. Sara Haffum, NCHECR, UNSW
  Rational Squencing, Monitoring and Switching of Antiretroviral Therapy Dr. Elliott H. Julian
  Tuberculosis and HIV: Key Issues in Diagnosis and Management Dr. Elliott H. Jullian
  parallel sessions
Room: Grand Ballroom
Tract A: ART
Chair: Dr. Thomas Heller
Coord: Dr. Chon Vichea
A5: Update On HIV/AIDS Contiuum of Care in Cambodia Dr. Kaoeun Chetra
A6: HIV Care and Reproductive Health: Secondary Prevention of HIV Transmission Mr Roeun Moeun
A7: Immuno-Virological and Toxicity Outcomes of HIV Infected Patients after 48 Months of ART in Phno Penh, Cambodia Dr. Prak Narom
A8: Quality of Life Evaluation in a Cohort of Patients Receiving ART at the Battambang Referral Hospital Dr. Laurent Ferradini
A9: Home-Based Care to Support ART Adherence Dr. Vong Chesda
A10: Screening for and Treating Cervical Cancer in HIV-Positive Women in Cambodia Dr. Kim Chendamony
Room: Canation
Tract E: HIV Research Agenda
Chair: H.E Dr. Mean Chhi Vun
Coord: Dr. Kea Chettra
E1: Obstacles to Operation Research in Cambodia-Joint Statement WHO Dr. Saphonn Vonthanak
E2: Lesson Learned from PREDICT-Enrollment, Staff Retention, Training and Site Development Dr. Kea Chettra
E3: Lesson Learned from the CAMELIA Clinical Trial: Establishing Centers of Excellence for TB and AIDS Care in Cambodia Dr. Sok Thim
E4: Cambodia HIV/AIDS Related Research Agenda: An Update on Electronic Library Mr Mam Sovatha
E5: Discussion- Future Action Plan Update HIV Research Agenda

Room: Mekong I&II
Track F: Preevention Strategies for MARP
Chair: Dr. Lan Van Seng
Coord: Dr. Neth Sansothy

F1: National Frame Work of MSM Intervention Dr. Nou Vannary
F2: Population Size Estimation of MSM in Cambodia 2008 Dr Kai Lih Liu
F3: The Young Women's Health Study: Sexual & Drug-Related Risk of HIV & STI in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Dr. Neth Sansothy
F4: HIV Prevention and Anti-Trafficking in Conflict? The public Health Consequences of Cambodia's Fight Against Trafficking Dr. Caroline Francis
F5: Drug Abuse and Harm Reduction Dr. Kab Vanndal
F6: National Strategic Plan for Drug Related HIV and AIDS 2008-2010 Mr Huot Sereyrath
Room: Mekong III
Track G: Data Management
Chair: Dr. Nicole Seguy
Coord: Dr Sarun Sarmony
G1: Expansion of HIV/AIDS Data Management System: Experience Sharing on Introducing OI/ART Database Mr. Chea Chamnan
G2: Lesson Learned from Multi-Site Cohort Study in Term of Data Quality Improvement Dr. Khol Vohit
G3: Data Management in the context Link Responses Dr. Nicole Seguy
G4: Linking Data Management, CoC Team and Research Team Together: CQI Dr. Sarun Saramony
G5: Practical Steps for OI/ART Electronic Database Transfter from NGO to NCHADS Dr. Nicole Seguy
Afternoon Plenary Session
  HiV Risk Behaviors and Predicting Factors Among PLHA in Cambodia Dr. Saphonn Vonthannak, NIPH/NCHADS, Cambodia
  The Role of UN Agencies and Its partners for Accelerating Harm Reduction Interventions to Confront the HIV Epidemic in Cambodia, Dr. Tia Phauly, UNAIDS
  Community Action Preventing HIV in Cambodia: Evaluation of a 3 Year Project, Dr. Heng Sopheab, NCHADS
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